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Scripps Ranch News Photo Showcase

LEAN, GREEN MACHINE: A tiny praying mantis stands atop a leaf, ready for another exciting day in nature. (photo by Trung La)

Scripps Ranch News Photo Showcase

These are the colorful entries for the 2020 Scripps Ranch News Photo Showcase. 

Amateur photographers from Scripps Ranch sent their best shots from the year 2020. All photos were taken within the 92131 Zip Code area of Scripps Ranch.  

The selection was excellent and the photos were especially vivid this year. Scripps Ranch News thanks and congratulates all the entrants for participating and sharing their wonderful pictures. Enjoy!

Capti Derek Woodman, a resident at The Glen at Scripps Ranch, grew this rose in the West Resident Garden. (photo by Roger A. Gee)
A plant stands tall at the corner of Spruce Run Dr and Spring Canyon Dr. (photo by Sumedh Bahl)
Lake Miramar (photo by Riley Crider)
“Fall in the Ranch” (photo by Louise Bendinelli Roup)
A local resident found this two-foot long Western Diamondback snake hiding in his garage! (photo by Harvey Rogoff)
The beginning of the hiking trail off Semillon and Avenida Magnifica (photo by Jennifer Robinson)
Waking up early enough to see the sunrise has its rewards – even the dog is wagging its tail in approval. (photo by Lori Shelton)
Ranger proudly enjoys time at Lake Miramar. (photo by Dana Beisel)
Sunset over Lake Miramar taken from Lakeview Park (photo by Joan Lovell)
Jaclyn Macatee (#8) and Taryn Norberg (#15) celebrate a goal in the 3-0 shutout of Point Loma HS on Jan 28, 2020. (photo by John Cary)
A rose in bloom (photo by Debbie Jefferson)
Raindrops shine on Tesla roof at sunset. (photo by Deborah Jefferson)
John James (JJ) Bridges represents living overseas in Japan and Alana Bridges honors her family from El Salvador during Cultural Heritage Day at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School. (photo by Gloria McKearney)
Backyard view facing Mt. Woodson (photo by Richard Danziger)
Rising sun over Cypress Canyon Park Drive (photo by Keshav Gopinath)