A local runs for Assembly

Sunday Gover

A local runs for Assembly

A Scripps Ranch local is hoping to leverage her breadth of experiences to bring a values-based voice to Sacramento.

Sunday Gover is a mom, a business woman, a cancer survivor and the Democratic candidate for the State Assembly’s 77th District. Enticed by the welcoming community and the great schools, Gover raised her four children in Scripps Ranch and has lived here for nearly 20 years.

She decided to run for State Assembly after delving into the nuts and bolts of who represents her voice in politics after the 2016 election. She is running against Republican incumbent Brian Maienschein.

“I was reviewing Brian Maienschein’s voting record, and I did not feel that his votes were in alignment with my values. … I felt that our district could be better represented by someone who didn’t have such extreme views on some topics,” Gover said.

Topping the list of decisions that concerned Gover was Maienschein’s vote to allow insurance companies to deny individuals with preexisting conditions coverage, Gover said. She also strongly disagreed with his stance on environmental issues and gun laws.

“His votes on guns were really alarming to me. He has an ‘A’ rating with the NRA, which means a few things: he opposed the assault weapons ban, he opposed outlawing bump stocks and he wanted to have concealed weapons on school campuses,” Gover said.

These votes, coupled with his support of fracking and opposition to legislation intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, constituted a pattern Gover found disturbing, she said.

Gover intends to focus on health care and education as her priorities.

“I believe in investing in early childhood education,” she said. “I believe that having universal pre-K gives every student the ability to be ready to learn regardless of the communities they come from. I think education is the great equalizer, and we owe that to all students throughout San Diego and throughout the State of California.”

For changes to health care, Gover wants to protect and expand coverage. She feels strongly that insurance companies not be allowed to deny coverage and plans to work toward providing access and affordability to everyone, if elected.

Gover characterized the current political environment as painful and extremely polarized. She said she worries with the infighting and party politics, that the current representatives are not working together to get things done for their constituents.

“I think that the way to push past this is to get new people in office,” Gover said. “One of the things I think is really powerful in bringing fresh blood and fresh ideas into the political system is that I don’t owe anyone anything. I don’t have any relationships with lobbyists, I don’t take money from big corporations. I think that’s very freeing and allows me to go in and vote my values.”

Gover believes the more candidates elected that are not part of the current political fray, the better voters will feel about the direction the country is headed. She also wants voters to know she has experienced many of the challenges facing local residents.

“I have four kids and spend a lot of time in the public schools. I’m a soccer coach and a volunteer art teacher. I run a small business in real estate here in Scripps Ranch. I have the struggles of the small business owner,” she said. “I know what it’s like to maintain a payroll and balance the budget, and bring that money home and make it work for a family of six. I deal with the high costs of health care. I worry about my children’s safety. I’m taking those struggles and those values and the ideas about how to better our everyday lives to Sacramento.”

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