Accident causes unexpected shower

A huge fountain was visible to drivers as they snaked their way around Meanley Drive in an impromptu detour cause by an accident that knocked over a fire hydrant Tuesday afternoon. (photos by Jason and John Gregory)

Accident causes unexpected shower

Scripps Ranch High School students crossing the street at Scripps Ranch Boulevard and Meanley Drive following classes on Tuesday, Oct. 24, were greeted by a cool mist due to an accident that resulted in an overturned fire hydrant. A plume of water rose nearly 50 feet in the air as the students crossed the street.

The San Diego Police Department and a truck from the San Diego Fire Department responded to the accident. Firemen were able to shut off the flow of water by about 2:25 p.m. No damaged vehicles were seen near the accident site.

Scripps Ranch High School students step across a small stream of water as they cross Scripps Ranch Boulevard.

Scores of high school students were in high spirits as they crossed the street, obviously cheered by the fact that spray from the water fountaining into the sky cooled them as they strode across the road in the midst of this week’s record-breaking high temperatures.

The accident caused a hazardous situation as students tried to cross the street and anxious motorists snaked between pedestrians following classes at Scripps Ranch High School.

Motorists were not so cheerful since the intersection’s northbound lane was closed by police for several minutes, causing a huge traffic jam as parents drove to pick up students. The accident could have only come at a busier time if it had occurred during the morning rush hour. A large line of vehicles snaked its way along Meanley Drive as drivers attempted to turn around in an impromptu detour. Fortunately, firemen shut off the water relatively quickly. The intersection was opened once again and no apparent flood damage was visible.

Those who follow local news know that accidents involving damage to fire hydrants followed by tall gushers of water are unusually common in San Diego. It’s possible that San Diego leads the nation with about one or two of these peculiar accidents seemingly to occur every week in one community or another. On Tuesday afternoon, Scripps Ranch had its turn.

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