All is quiet in Scripps Ranch

A couple of wild bunnies frolic along a path to Scripps Ranch High School. (photo by Justin Fine)

All is quiet in Scripps Ranch

Scripps Ranch photographer Justin Fine took a few images that depict the state of the community – minus humans – during the COVID-19 lockdown. His images show a few familiar areas that are now vacant and tranquil: A couple of wild rabbits on a path at Scripps Ranch High; flowers near the sign at the high school; Lakeview Park with caution tape designating that the park is closed; Scripps Ranch Community Park with unoccupied swings; and a couple of shots of Lake Miramar with empty paths.

Photos by Justin Fine. Visit

Flowers bloom on bushes alongside the sign for the high school. (photo by Justin Fine)
Caution tape designates that Lakeview Park is closed to the public. (photo by Justin Fine)
Vacant swings at Scripps Ranch Community Park. (photo by Justin Fine)
Empty paths at Lake Miramar. (photo by Justin Fine)
(photo by Justin Fine)
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