Amazing adventures: Life is a series of journeys

Amazing adventures: Life is a series of journeys

We’ve all heard the phrase “Life is a Journey.” But more accurately, it is a series of journeys – and hopefully a lot of amazing adventures!

LifeMap was born after collaborating with a software development team to create an online application based upon the best-selling career exploration book “What Color Is Your Parachute?” During this time, I was able to develop and facilitate group and individual workshops with high school and college students as well as late-in-life career changers.

Choosing a College Major or Career Path

Young adults experience tremendous stress when trying to make what feels like a monumental life decision without any direct experience to ensure it will be a well-aligned choice. Adding to this stress is simply being an adolescent desiring autonomy in their life, so when parents offer suggestions it can fall on deaf ears. Having an impartial person to explore ideas, answer questions and simply offer as many facts as possible takes much of the anxiety out of this process.

For late-in-life career changers, the obstacles can feel insurmountable due to all the responsibilities they have.Time and time again an intersection between what is realistic and what the heart desires has been found simply by being open to explore new ideas and possibilities.

LifeMap will help you to:

• Plot Your Course

There are so many ways to get to where you want to go in life! The well-worn path is not right for everyone. Thinking outside the box and identifying the best path for you will make your journey meaningful and satisfying.

• Get Unstuck and Get Moving

Sometimes we know what we want to do, but taking action feels so overwhelming that it renders us stuck. Having an impartial person who is able to help you recognize the true issues by asking the right questions will enable you to formulate a plan that is right for your specific situation.

• Consider All the Details

Whether choosing a college major, a new job, making a geographical move, or even taking the next step in a personal relationship – it is important to explore how well aligned each option is with who YOU are. When making a major life decision, considering mind/body/spirit components will help you to achieve the outcome you are seeking.

• Navigating Life’s Challenges

Life isn’t always smooth sailing. When you’re at a crossroad in life urgently needing to make a plan for the future, it is so important to have clear-headed support and feedback to enable you to make the best decisions for your unique situation.

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