Colorful umbrellas look like lady bugs

These colorful, artistically decorated umbrellas adorned the fence the morning of June 10 at Innovations Academy. (photos by John Gregory)

Colorful umbrellas look like lady bugs

Several small but bright umbrellas sporting artistic designs, looking very much hand-painted by creative students, were stuck in the chain link fences at the entrance to Innovations Academy on Saturday morning, June 10. It was a soggy morning with heavy mist falling, and the scene gave the impression that the fence was prepared for the moisture, as if deploying rows of umbrellas to stay dry. But from a foggy distance, it also appeared that rows of giant, multicolored lady bugs had alighted along the fence to rest.

Innovations Academy was holding a New Parent Information Seminar that morning starting at 9 a.m. in the school’s multipurpose room, and the rows of umbrellas greeted the parents as they entered the school.

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