COVID-19 cases surge again!

COVID-19 cases surge again!

(July 3) Reported cases of COVID-19 have increased within the Scripps Ranch ZIP Code area of 92131 to 61 cases, according to the County of San Diego. That’s an increase of 20 cases in one week.

This is the largest increase in Scripps Ranch since the pandemic began.

Still, the increase – verified by the County of San Diego today – is not as huge as the number posted in error by the County yesterday, stating that Scripps Ranch had 106 cases. That would have meant an increase of 50 case in one single day. The County of San Diego verified today that the number was an error. Yesterday, the same figure, 106, was listed for the 92129, 92130 and 92131 ZIP Codes. Scripps Ranch News contacted the County of San Diego last night and this was the response: “Public health staff are looking into it. Given the coincidence of figures in different zips, may well be error somewhere along the line. If so, we’ll update, but not expecting it will get sorted out tonight. We always caution numbers are preliminary.”

Today’s corrected increase coincides with leaps in numbers nationally, state-wide and county-wide as the nation attempted to loosen the lockdown which was put in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus during the past month. The County reported that Mira Mesa now has 182 reported cases and Poway is up to 93 cases.

Locally, the spread could possibly be attributed to recent public events held during the past 30 days in which social distancing was encouraged but not enforced – but there is no solid evidence to isolate any one specific event. The city-wide and county-wide loosening of isolation orders for businesses and public areas could also have contributed to the increase. In addition, individuals not adhering to social distancing might have combined with other factors in adding to the local increase of cases. In any case, the rise of COVID-19 cases is a nation-wide occurrence this week just as the Fourth of July weekend begins. San Diego County has been added to the state-wide watch list for surges in coronavirus and a reversal of business openings is expected from the governor to take affect Monday, July 6.

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