Family jewelers honor Chinese New Year

Generations of the Collins family gather in front of Collins Family Jewelers in anticipation of their annual Chinese New Year celebration for the community. (photos by John Gregory)

Family jewelers honor Chinese New Year

A festive crowd gathered in front of Collins Family Jewelers, 8220-A Mira Mesa Blvd., just in time to witness a spirited celebration of Chinese New Year on Saturday morning, Feb. 10.

Although the official Chinese New Year will be on Friday, Feb. 16, Bill and Cynthia Collins, owners of Collins Family Jewelers, hosted the event on Saturday to make it more convenient for families from the community to attend.

The event included a colorful dancer, three traditional costume lions, drums and fireworks to ward off evil spirits. Those in the crowd, especially children, fed the dancing lions special red envelopes containing donations to support the troupe of high school-aged performers providing the dancing, drumming and ceremonial activities.

The ceremonies culminated when the store owners were presented banners, then the three colorful lions danced through the jewelry store. Two sets of fireworks were ignited in front of the store, creating loud bangs. The crowd was thrilled as the lions continued to dance around, often rising-up high into the air to welcome in the Year of the Dog.

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