Fire Safe Council

Fire Safe Council

Here are nine ways a fire can start in your kitchen:

1) High heat source: Stoves and ovens can quickly turn from cooking tools to fire starts if left unattended. 

2) Cooking oils:Overheated oils can ignite and create a fire that water only makes worse. 

3) Unattended cooking: It’s easy to get distracted, leading to overheated food and cookware. 

4) Flammable objects: Everyday items like paper towels and curtains can catch fire in an instant. 

5) Grease accumulation: Built-up grease is a fire waiting to happen. 

6) Distractions: Phone calls or doorbells can divert your attention, leading to disaster. 

7) Lack of fire safety knowledge: Not knowing how to handle a kitchen fire can turn a small flame into a full-blown emergency. 

8) Improper storage of combustibles: Keeping flammables in the kitchen increases your risk. 

9) Electrical malfunctions: Old or faulty appliances are a common fire culprit.

Bottom line is, pay attention while cooking. There’s a saying, “you’re playing with fire.” That’s exactly what thousands of households are doing without a proper fire safety plan.

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