Fresh seafood in Scripps Ranch

Freshly prepared crab cakes are the star at Crabby’s Crab Cakes & Seafood Delights, now available at the Scripps Ranch Farmer’s Market. (photos by John Gregory)

Fresh seafood in Scripps Ranch

Fresh seafood has come to Scripps Ranch, but it’s only here each Saturday. Crabby’s Crab Cakes & Seafood Delights has joined the Scripps Ranch Farmer’s Market and offers a selection of fresh seafood prepared on-site for hungry shoppers.

Ken and Angelica Selvidge set up their seafood booth at the local market a few weeks ago. They are transferring their business from Washington to Southern California. The company has been in food service for 20 years and has been selling their tasty dishes exclusively at farmer’s markets the past five years.

“Crab cakes are our key item. We do things with them that other folks might not think of, like put them in quesadillas and tacos and make a sandwich out of them,” Ken explained. “There’s a lot of ways we serve the crab cakes, but we also specialize in fresh seafood. … Here in California, we have great access to good fish and crab and scallops and such. So, we serve fish tacos, we do ceviche, a lot of different shrimp dishes and seafood salads.”

The menu also includes fish fillet sandwiches. The most unique item is the crab cake quesadilla, Ken said.

Ken and Angelica Selvidge serve fresh seafood at the Crabby’s Crab Cakes & Seafood Delights booth.

“We were at a big music festival and after three days of selling food like crazy, we pretty much ran out of this and ran out of that. And we really couldn’t make any single dish that was on the menu,” Ken said. “Well, we had tortillas, we had cheese and we had crab cakes. My friends told me, ‘No, we can still stay open.'”

That’s how the Crabby’s crab cake quesadilla was born, and it remains one of the most popular items.

The crab cake benny is another unique dish. This is essentially and egg benedict with a crab cake instead of eggs. It has crab cake over a muffin, hollandaise, bacon and asparagus.

“We just really pride ourselves in serving good, fresh seafood; safely prepared,” Ken said. “So, come on down and be ready to eat.”

Crabby’s Crab Cakes & Seafood Delights can be reached by email at

The Scripps Ranch Farmer’s Market is open for shoppers from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. every single Saturday at 10380 Spring Canyon Road, in the Innovations Academy parking lot. Visit

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