Gatherings are still not allowed

Gatherings are still not allowed

Most San Diegans have followed the recommendations in the local Health Officer Order, allowing for the local economy to steadily reopen in sync with the state.

While some businesses have been allowed to reopen and recreational activities are occurring with some restrictions, there is one rule that remains in place: gatherings are still prohibited.

“Stage Two does not allow gatherings,” said Wilma Wooten, M.D., M.P.H., County public health officer. “If people get together and they are not members of the same household, they are putting people at risk.”

County officials continue to ask San Diegans to be patient and to follow the local health officer recommendations to prevent the spread COVID-19.

By continuing to practice physical distancing and using face coverings in public, San Diegans will greatly contribute to the continued reopening of the region’s economy.

Drive-thru celebrations
Since graduations are right around the corner, County officials indicated that drive-thru celebrations are permitted, provided they follow the local health guidance. That means:

  • No exiting vehicles
  • No open snack stands
  • No open bathrooms
  • No spectators
  • No people in the vehicle who are not part of the same household

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