Introducing your community newspaper

Introducing your community newspaper

Scripps Ranch residents should check their mailboxes this weekend for the new community newspaper in town. Scripps Ranch News will be arriving in the form of a print newspaper in the next few days, and it is being mailed directly to each home in Scripps Ranch. Beyond the News, Schools, Leisure and Sports & Fitness sections, the newspaper features full color on each page.

This is how the newspaper came about: was launched as a digital news website in June, along with its social media network. Readership has grown steadily and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. While provides new stories about this community each day, it was not originally intended to evolve into a print vehicle. However, many residents asked, “How do I get it?”

It seems people want news delivered to them; they like the convenience.

The Scripps Ranch News newspaper was printed early this week and sent to the U.S. Post Office for delivery. Reactions by readers looking through early copies delivered to local businesses have been beyond expectations. There are a surprising number of readers who say they still enjoy holding a print product in their hands as they read. They like carrying it around and they find it more credible. They also like cutting out articles, coupons or pictures of their kids. Apparently, there is still power in the printed word.

On the other hand, we have room to place more content on, and at a much faster pace.

No matter how you like to get your community news, Scripps Ranch News has you covered.

So, now there are three ways to get Scripps Ranch News besides visiting this website:

Free community newspaper
The Scripps Ranch News newspaper will be delivered to your home mailbox for free once each month.

Free e-Newspaper
You can sign up for the free Scripps Ranch News E-Newspaper, and you will receive a free digital news digest containing the top items of the week published on The E-Newspaper will be emailed to subscribers each Friday. The Friday edition will also contain a link to the weekly Scripps Ranch Weekend report. In addition, important news alerts will be emailed to subscribers when breaking news occurs in Scripps Ranch. A Monday edition is also being considered. Sign up here for the free Scripps Ranch News E-Newspaper.

Social media updates
Follow Scripps Ranch News on social media and you will see posts about new, local stories as they are published: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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