It’s been hot, but beautiful

The sun set through the trees in Scripps Ranch late last week after another broiling day. (photos by John Gregory)

It’s been hot, but beautiful

Summer temperatures have definitely arrived, but nature’s scene in Scripps Ranch neighborhoods, and especially its gardens, seems to thrive with the added sunshine and heat.

A hot spell that started in the middle of last week brought a bright, broiling sun with intense heat reaching near 100 degrees in parts of Scripps Ranch. Clouds weakened the sun’s intensity Saturday and Sunday, but captured the humidity, which meant the heat was trapped in a warm blanket, making the temperature feel much higher than the thermometer indicated.

Today’s temperatures should peak at around 91 today and tomorrow, with a good chance it will be lower. The slight break in the high temps should hold until Friday.

Flowers in area gardens seemed to flourish, nearly glowing in the bright sun despite the heat.
A lone snail continued its steady pace as it crawled along the top of a boulder.
Multi-colored flowers kept their hues without wilting at the Scripps Ranch Farmer’s Market.
Fruit at the Scripps Ranch Farmer’s market retained its bright colors.
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