Lake Miramar’s colorful fowl

Yellow headed blackbird (photo by Frank Lussier)

Lake Miramar’s colorful fowl

Frank Lussier, a self-proclaimed “birder,” captured these magnificent feathered creatures through the lens of his camera at Lake Miramar.

Two of the birds are easy to pick out. One is the yellow headed blackbird, which is a rare but regular visitor to San Diego. Lussier said he has been birding since 2013 and this is the only one he has seen. The other one is the red winged blackbird, which is a very common bird.

The bird with the chicks is an American coot, another common bird. Lussier said he also has a video of two of these birds leg fighting at Lake Miramar.

The blue bird is the western scrub jay. If you take some peanuts with you to the lake, they might fly close to you to get some.

The little bird is a white-crowned sparrow. It’s a migratory bird that usually shows up around October, according to Lussier.

The geese are domesticated greylag geese, and they can be found at the lake year-round, Lussier said.

Red winged blackbird (photo by Frank Lussier)
American coot (photo by Frank Lussier)
Western scrub jay (photo by Frank Lussier)
White-crowned sparrow (photo by Frank Lussier)
Domesticated greylag geese (photo by Frank Lussier)

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