Local ‘Buy Nothing’ hosts book bazaar

A Book Bazaar graphic with event details is promoted to group members on all three Buy Nothing Scripps Ranch Facebook pages.

Local ‘Buy Nothing’ hosts book bazaar

Buy Nothing Scripps Ranch (BNSR) North, South and Stonebridge/East regions will collaboratively host a book bazaar gifting event on Sunday, March 18, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the Scripps Ranch Community Center, 11885 Cypress Canyon Rd.

New and previously-read books will be collected from members of the community for a communal event where all books will be displayed in a free, shop-like setting at the Community Center. Neighbors are welcome to gift and receive as many books as they would like. Any books not claimed by the conclusion of the event will be donated to the Scripps Miramar Ranch Library.

Donated books can be dropped off at the Community Center during the event, or in advance at designated drop-off locations, which are only made available to BNSR members who directly contact their local site administrators.

Scripps Ranch residents who are interested in joining their local Buy Nothing group should search “Buy Nothing Scripps Ranch” on Facebook to find links for the north, south and Stonebridge/east BNSR groups, then select “join” for the one that corresponds to the region where they live.

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