New compost hub starts in Scripps Ranch

New compost hub starts in Scripps Ranch

Many of us in Scripps Ranch already compost our kitchen waste and maybe our yard waste, too. However, people in apartments and condos usually don’t have space, and others may not have time or willingness to tend their own compost piles. Now, another option is becoming available in Scripps Ranch: a community compost hub for 10 participants! Neighbors will bring their fruit and vegetables scraps to the hub, or may be able to arrange for pickup.

Typically, compost hubs are in farms, community gardens or other shared sites. San Diego currently has public hubs in Ocean View and San Carlos, and private hubs at Mesa College and General Atomics. However, our Scripps Ranch hub will be in the backyard of Suha Chari and Jay Jayakumar – gardeners, sustainability advocates, community leaders and above all good neighbors.

Over the years, Suha and Jay have developed an amazing permaculture garden. They use rainwater collection, bioswales and permaculture best practices to nurture year-round abundance from fruit trees, permanent plantings and annuals from their own and others’ seeds. In addition to typical American produce, they have many greens, beans, gourds, herbs and spices from their native India.

The Compost Hub will be managed by Sarah Boltwala-Mesina, executive director of Inika Small Earth Inc. and project director for their Food2Soil program. Over 10 to 12 weeks, at temperatures of 120 to 160 degrees, small batches of humus-rich compost will ripen for use. Inika Small Earth is dedicated to building a network that teaches how to grow food, live healthy lives, share resources and build community.

For both Suha and Jay, the garden and the new compost hub are very much about community and sustainability as well as healthy local food. Suha is a steering committee member of Sustainable Scripps Ranch (SSR), and several years ago she started a monthly SSR Garden Share. Friends, neighbors, newcomers and others show up to check it out or share whatever they have – snacks, books, tools, clothes, plants, food and ideas in addition to garden produce – and take home a share of others’ abundance. In addition, there are always lively discussions and time to meet and connect with neighbors old and new. You are welcome to join us at any time. No dues, signups or gardening experience are required. The next Garden Share is scheduled for Tuesday, April 30. Contact Suha at for more details about either the Compost Hub or the Garden Shares. You can also sign up for the Compost Hub at

Time of Use electricity billing comes to Scripps Ranch
Scripps Ranch residents are signing up for Time of Use (TOU) now! Most of us must register our choices before the end of May or June. To help make the transition easier, we have a talk on Thursday, April 25 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. at our Scripps Ranch Library. You can also attend a Question and Answer session at the Scripps Ranch Community Center, 11885 Cypress Canyon Road, tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, June 12 from 6 to 7:30pm. Learn more at

Preparing for wildfires
If Wildfire issues matter to you, come hear a presentation on Friday, May 10 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at the Scripps Ranch Library. It will be presented by SDG&E and the Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council. It’s never too early to think about being prepared.

Want to know more?
More information and updates will be posted on our webpage,

Sustainable Scripps Ranch is a standing committee of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association. If you would like to receive our monthly email, you can sign up online at under “Get Connected.” Send us your thoughts about topics and ideas for creating a more sustainable world. Even better, join our committee!

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