No ballot yet? Contact registrar

No ballot yet? Contact registrar

The Registrar’s office sent out more than 1.9 million mail ballots to registered voters last week for the Nov. 3 Presidential General Election. If you did not receive yours, you may need to call the Registrar of Voters office.

First, you can see whether your mail ballot was sent by checking at If it wasn’t, there may be a number of reasons.

If you moved, you need to re-register to get a mail ballot. The Registrar recommends registering online now so there’s time to send you a mail ballot before the election.

The mail ballots sent out last week should have arrived by Oct. 10. If your voter information is up to date and your mail ballot hasn’t arrived, call the Registrar’s office at 858-565-5800.

If you did get your ballot, don’t wait. Act now and vote from the comfort of your own home. Sign and date your envelope, seal your completed ballot inside and return it to a trusted source.

Your marked ballot can be returned in the pre-paid postage envelope to any official U.S. Postal Service office or collection box.

You also have the option to return your ballot at one of 126 mail ballot drop-off locations around the county. Find a drop-off location near you with this locator tool or look inside your mail ballot packet for a list of three locations closest to your home.

You can also track your ballot by signing up for Where’s My Ballot? You’ll get  notifications on when your mail ballot arrives back at the Registrar’s office and when it’s counted.

The sooner the Registrar’s office receives your ballot, the sooner they can process it for the first release of Election Night results.

The Registrar of Voter’s office launched a Vote Safer San Diego campaign to help voters avoid contracting COVID-19 when casting their ballot for the Nov. 3 election. To find out more, visit or call (858) 565-5800.

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