No smoking in our canyons!

No smoking in our canyons!

Perhaps your spouse or family forbid you to smoke in the house and you are chased outside. If this is your situation, do not use our Scripps Ranch canyons as your smoking location.

You have been spotted smoking in the canyons all around Scripps Ranch and it poses a huge threat to our homes, pets, and indeed, our very lives.

History Lesson: The 2003 Cedar Fire, which was the largest fire in the history of California until the Paradise Fire, was caused by a lost hunter who started a signal fire just south of Ramona when night fell and he was terrified of being lost and alone in the wilderness at night. Even though he had a very valid reason for starting the signal fire, he was held responsible for the damage caused by the fire. Can you imagine the guilt he felt for causing the death of 5 people, including a firefighter, and responsible for burning almost 2,400 homes?

Don’t let the next fire disaster be your responsibility. Do not smoke in canyons!