Order lets restaurants extend to sidewalks

Order lets restaurants extend to sidewalks

(July 7) Following a state order curtailing business operations in San Diego County, today San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer plans to sign an executive order to provide regulatory relief to restaurants and make dining safer by encouraging outdoor operations, according to an announcement from the Mayor’s Office.

The mayor’s order will waive permitting and parking requirements for the use of sidewalks and private parking lots as outdoor dining venues. Public health experts have promoted outdoor settings and physical distancing as two key tools to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

In addition to the executive order, Faulconer recently announced a plan to waive fees and fast-track permits to help businesses safely increase customer capacity by expanding outdoors. The proposed ordinance would encourage eateries and retail businesses to transform into “streateries” and “streetail” by allowing businesses to expand onto street parking spaces, sidewalks and parking lots.

Announced on June 18, the proposal would help businesses maximize outdoor space to make up for lost revenue as a result of reduced or restricted indoor capacity, as well as create more room for physical distancing. The ordinance is expected to be voted on by the City Council this month.

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