Plans underway for Farmer’s Market

Plans underway for Farmer’s Market

A scheme is in progress to launch a new farmer’s market in Scripps Ranch.

Titled “Newtopia Cyder presents the New Scripps Ranch Farmer’s Market,” the event’s planners are targeting an opening date of May 20, according to Beverly Cassity, the New Farmer’s Market manager.

The New Scripps Ranch Farmer’s Market will be held each Thursday night from 3 to 7 p.m. in the parking lot on the eastern side of Newtopia Cyder, 10045 Carroll Canyon Road. Beverly said nearby Cabrillo Credit Union has agreed to allow Farmer’s Market customers to use its lot for parking during the event.

Beverly, who will manage the market along with her husband Mike Cassity, said she is working in conjunction with Newtopia Cyder owner Rick Moreno to open this new weekly event. Timothy Mapes will be the assistant manager.

The New Scripps Ranch Farmer’s Market will feature 40 or more vendors, including top quality farmers offering farm-fresh produce, fresh eggs, flowers, food “from around the world,” crafts, jewelry, commercial vendors and more, Beverly said.

The emphasis will be on “food and farmers,” Beverly explained.

In addition, the New Farmer’s Market will include bistro tables and chairs for dining, as well as live music. Hand sanitizer will be available and other safety precautions will be taken for customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Beverly said.

“People can sit and eat. We want them to linger … we want them to sit, talk, enjoy the evening, do some more shopping before they leave, pick up some kettle corn on the way out – that sort of stuff,” Beverly said.

The nonprofit sponsor and recipient of donations from the New Scripps Ranch Farmer’s Market is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Association. 

The Cassitys managed the old Scripps Ranch Farmer’s Market, which closed in October 2018. The old Farmer’s Market served as an ongoing fundraising project for Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary, with a large percentage of the profits benefitting the school. Held every Saturday for about 17 years, the old Farmer’s Market was forced to close because the San Diego Unified School District board voted to redevelop the property where the market was being held at 10380 Spring Canyon Road, in the former Innovations Academy parking lot.

Besides a different location and being held on Thursday afternoon and evening, the New Farmer’s Market will have a bit of a different feel from the old one. For one thing, Beverly is reenergized since closing the old farmer’s market in 2018. She doesn’t intend to have as many vendors as before, focusing more on quality than quantity. Vendors will be selected very carefully to ensure that the finest are available for customers, she explained.

This time around, there will be micro greens and organic produce available, plus the “top farmers in San Diego” offering their goods. It will be a paradise for home chefs and local foodies who enjoy selecting and eating the freshest ingredients.

Another bonus is that Newtopia Cyder is onsite for thirsty adult shoppers.

Fortunately, some of the most popular vendors from the former Scripps Ranch Farmer’s Market will return, including Bibby’s Belgian Crepes, A’SLoBBRiN Pet Bakery & Gifts, a fresh squeezed lemonade booth and Finest City Kettle Corn.

“We have top quality farmers, we have fresh eggs, we have locally sourced honey, we have flowers – all the main things you would want from a farmer’s market,” Beverly said. “Meet up with your family and friends for a late lunch or early dinner and do your shopping for the week.”

The New Scripps Ranch Farmer’s Market will emphasize food and farmers, but will also feature flowers, crafts, jewelry, commercial vendors and more. (photo by John Gregory)