Pothole problems

(photo by Les Izmoore)

Pothole problems

Here are two more examples of pothole problems on Scripps Ranch streets reported by residents:

Brooktree Terrace: The image (above) was taken at the intersection of Brooktree Terrace and Briarcliff Drive, but the road damage continues along all of Brooktree Terrace. The potholes are getting so deep that bare dirt is showing through the (elephant hide) deteriorated asphalt and rainwater can seep into the dirt and cause a sinkhole. It’s dangerous and unsafe for heavy trucks to drive over.

It appears that Brooktree Terrace has not been resurfaced in over 30 years. 

—Les Izmoore

Scripps Trail: Most recent pothole report I made, I was informed by Get It Done San Diego that my report was forwarded to the Mayor’s office and my case was closed. It appears that now with Get it Done San Diego submissions regarding street repair requests, the city is forwarding street repair reports to the Mayor’s office and closing out the report for service.

—Bob Camacho

Camacho’s efforts to get this street repaired were chronicled by the San Diego Reader in February 2018:

(photo by Bob Camacho)