Pre-med student runs shoe drive

Eezyah Singh

Pre-med student runs shoe drive

A Scripps Ranch High graduate started a two-month-long shoe drive to help her raise money to work as a pre-med student in Costa Rica next year.

Eezya Singh, who graduated in 2019, is a second-year pre-med student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, majoring in neuroscience with a minor in environmental studies. Her goal is to gain hands-on experience working with local doctors in Costa Rica while getting new perspectives and networking with others in the medical field. 

The COVID-19 pandemic made Singh realize the importance of contributing to the local community, no matter how small the act seems. The shoe drive is a small step in curbing climate change and other environmental problems. 

“We throw away at least 300 million pairs of shoes every year and the average pair of shoes takes 30 or more years to completely decompose,” Singh said.  

She joined Vida Volunteer, a non-profit organization that helps medical and dental students gain work experience in countries where there is limited or no access to healthcare. Singh said that she will learn to perform physical examinations, fill out patient intake forms, run a pharmacy and develop diagnostic skills.

“This experience will play a big role in my academic career,” she said.

Teaming up with Funds2Orgs to run the shoe drive, Singh hopes to collect 400 pairs of shoes. Funds2Orgs helps students and nonprofit organizations earn money through similar shoe drives. 

“By donating your unworn, gently worn or used shoes, you'll be contributing to not only an aspiring medical student in your community, but creating sustainability in the environment and to families who will be able to create their own businesses and economic opportunities,” she said.

Singh's shoe drive will be at Spring Canyon Neighborhood Park every Saturday starting Oct. 17 and will end Dec. 7. She also accepts donations at her residence, and she can pick up shoes at donors' homes. Contact Singh at and follow her shoe drive on Instagram: @eezya.

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