Prepare for fire season

Prepare for fire season

By the Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council

Be prepared – oh wait, haven’t we heard that before?

It’s fire season – oh wait, we’ve heard that before also, only difference now is that fire season has been declared year round. 

Which takes us back to “be prepared.”

As I drive around our community, I see so many things that make me concerned:

Palm trees with dead shrouds; they make wonderful torches! Rotten fences held up with rotten hunks of wood. Combustible material close to houses. Shake shingle roofs. These are a few of the items that should be taken into consideration as you look around your property. How can you get them taken care of to be better prepared?

The Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council is hoping in the next few months to get a contract in place to help with some of the brush clearing in the community by cleaning up some of the ground fuel hanging around. More to come in the future.

One of the exciting things coming up for our community is the firefighters training on May 3-5 between the Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar and Scripps Ranch. The training is designed for engine company personnel and strike team leaders. So, be prepared to see hundreds of fire fighters in the community, but activities are not open to the public.

Be prepared and stay safe:; (858) 201-2711.