Six reasons to get sober

Six reasons to get sober

Have you been putting off getting help for your alcohol or drug problem? Here are some reasons why getting help TODAY just might be the best option for you.

You’ll Feel Better

Think about it – no more hangovers, no more unexplained injuries or bruises, no more cravings or dope sickness. You will also reduce your chances of developing serious health conditions:

  • Cancer
  • Hepatitis
  • Cirrhosis
  • Heart disease
  •  … And hundreds more

You’ll Save Money

From the very first day you stop drinking and drugging, you’ll be putting money in your OWN pocket. Think of what you could do with the thousands of dollars you spend on alcohol or drugs:

  • A new car?
  • A vacation?
  • A better place to live?

You’ll Have Better Relationships

Substance abuse is the enemy of healthy relationships. Think of all the past nagging, arguments, lies, betrayals, dysfunction, and emotional pain associated with alcohol-and drug-driven behaviors. When you get sober, you can start repairing some of the damage that was caused by active addiction.

You’ll Have Supportive Friends

Every drug addict or alcoholic has “buddies” – people who are just along for the ride and a good time. They are your “friend” only as long as partying lasts. In recovery, you learn to make positive friendships that are not substance-based. Imagine having friends who share common interests and actually care about YOU, rather than the drugs and alcohol.

You’ll Have SO Much More Time

Have you ever thought about how time-consuming active addiction really is? Obsessing over, acquiring, using, and recovering from drugs and alcohol can take up your entire day. In recovery, all that time is freed up, and you can now spend it on becoming the best YOU possible.

You’ll Be Present for Your Own Life

During active addiction, you may not even remember all of the “fun” you are supposed to be having – blackout drunks, nodding off, etc. To top it off, how many memorable occasions did you miss – birthdays, anniversaries, family outings and gatherings? When you stop letting the disease of addiction rob you of your life, you get to participate in ways that you forgot were possible.

If you live in San Diego and want help for an addictive disorder, Lasting Recovery is a premier outpatient alcohol and drug rehab program located in the Sorrento Valley area. By using an evidenced-based and wellness-focused approach to treatment, Lasting Recovery helps you reclaim both your sobriety and your life.


6046 Cornerstone Court W.
Suite 113
San Diego, CA 92121

(858) 453-4315

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