Some offices, malls can reopen soon

San Diegans must wear a facial covering while in public and close to other people. (County of San Diego)

Some offices, malls can reopen soon

(May 12) Some offices and other businesses in San Diego County will be allowed to reopen after the state lifted more restrictions in the statewide stay-at-home order.

Office-based businesses can open, though telework remains strongly encouraged. However, physical distancing is required to the maximum extent possible. Employees must also wear face coverings.

Shopping malls, including strip malls and outlet malls, can also reopen, but only for pick-up service. No customers are allowed inside the stores. There should also be clearly marked curbside and outside pick up points.

Also, on the list for reopening are car washes, pet grooming, landscaping and gardening businesses, as well as outdoor museums. All businesses must follow hygiene, physical distancing and health screening guidelines. Locally, the health officer’s order continues to require face coverings.

Before any of these businesses can reopen their doors, they must prepare and post a Safe Reopening Plan (SafeReopeningPlanTemplate.pdf) to ensure the safety of employees and the public.

“Thank you to all San Diegans who have cooperated with the stay-at-home order. Because of that we have been able to move into Phase Two of the reopening along with the state,” said Wilma Wooten, M.D., M.P.H., County public health officer. “The metrics are trending in the right direction and we will continue to monitor them as we continue to protect the public’s health along with the reopening of the local economy.”

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