Symphony in the Park presents Siren’s Crush

A huge crowd descended upon Hoyt Park June 11 for the first concert in the 2017 Scripps Ranch Symphony in the Park Series. (photo by John Gregory)

Symphony in the Park presents Siren’s Crush

Scripps Ranch Symphony in the Park presents Siren’s Crush as its second band in the 2017 series. The performance begins at 6 p.m. today in Hoyt Park. The band will bring its many musicians and singers to perform its brand of danceable covers.

Siren’s Crush returns to Hoyt Park after a two-year absence, according band member Angie Sagastume. She said the band performed in the series a couple of times before.

“We just hope to entertain everybody and bring families together to enjoy some good quality family time,” Sagastume said.

The band plays all the music 100 percent live. It doesn’t use any pre-recorded music. In addition, it takes pride in taking the stage wearing sharp outfits for each performance. Siren’s Crush performs modern dance music and also plays a wide range of old school favorites.

Siren’s Crush will perform in Hoyt Park on Sunday starting at 6 p.m. (

“Our music is really high energy, feel good music for all of the decades, for everyone,” Sagastume explained.

So, what can concert-goers expect as far as today’s repertoire is concerned?

“We usually kick it off in high gear and then we do a little bit of old school, some new stuff and we usually end it with a bang, probably some Bruno Mars or something like that,” Sagastume said.

“What I think is great is when we see kids bringing their parents and their grandparents up to dance,” she said. “I think that’s the best part of all. Just getting everybody out there dancing, just having a good timer together as families.”

The first performance in this summer’s series, held on June 11, brought an enormous crowd to Hoyt Park. Those planning to attend today’s concert may bring picnic baskets with food and lawn chairs, as long as the chairs are low-to-the-ground so they don’t block anyone’s view. No dogs or other pets are allowed. Plastic tarps are also a no-no, as they tend to kill the grass under them when used.

Collins Family Jewelers is the sponsor for today’s event. The concert is scheduled to conclude at 7:30 p.m. For more information, visit

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