The Welcome Club offers many activities

The Scripps Ranch Welcome Club offers a wide array of activities and always welcomes new members. (courtesy of SR Welcome Club)

The Welcome Club offers many activities

Everything from coffee klatches to trail hiking to nights at the theater keep Scripps Ranch Welcome Club members busy enjoying experiences with their Scripps Ranch neighbors. With more than 15 different interest groups, Welcome Clubbers take their pick of activities.

A docent shares her knowledge of an artist’s work on a Welcome Club Gadabout trip to a museum. (courtesy of SR Welcome Club)

Each month the women who enjoy games meet to play Bridge, Pitch and Bunco. The Readers enjoy discussing their group’s selected books. Trail Walkers stretch their legs along the ranch’s many sylvan paths and gather for excursions along a beach or through a county park. The Theatre Group attends plays at the Scripps Ranch Theatre and has BYO gatherings beforehand.

Lake Miramar is the usual venue for the Bicycling group. They roll on the second Friday of each month.

Crafters gather regularly and create holiday decorations and other projects. They will meet next on May 21.

Gadabouts, a sociable group, has adventures that range from lunch and a movie to visits to museums. May’s Gadabouts event will be a tour of Taylor Guitars’ manufacturing facility in East County.

TGI gatherings are evening experiences that include spouses and friends in enjoyable socials at homes here on the ranch. May 25 is the next TGI.

Welcome Club members meet at a member’s home for a morning of friendship and special treats each month. The Coffee Klatch draws an amiable crowd and generates a great deal of friendly chat. May’s event is slated for the 22nd.

May is a special month for the Welcome Club. The general meeting and election of new officers will be on May 14 at the Scripps Ranch Community Center. New ideas and new energy will be infused into this seasoned community group that has remained an asset of Scripps Ranch for more than 30 years.

Visit Women interested in joining may contact JoAnn Farmen:

Some Welcome Club walkers finished their trek in front of the fountain in Balboa Park. (courtesy of SR Welcome Club)
(courtesy of SR Welcome Club)
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