There’s a new ‘chick’ in town

My Chick restaurant brings fried chicken culture to Scripps Ranch at 9844 Hibert St.

There’s a new ‘chick’ in town

San Diego has never topped the charts with its fried chicken when compared to its notorious southern counterparts, but a few local business owners are trying to change that.

Scripps Ranch restaurateurs Michelle Melendez and Bob Adamson planned to launch their new eatery, called My Chick, on Oct. 1 with aspirations of bringing a new face to the fried chicken culture in San Diego.

“We have three teenagers at home who constantly drive around San Diego for this type of food, so we saw the opportunity and said, ‘Why not?'” Melendez said.

My Chick will open at 9844 Hibert St. in the former location of Bruski Burgers and Brew.

The restaurant will feature a simple menu of fried chicken sandwiches with an expansive list of sauce options, something Melendez said will set them apart from similar businesses in the region. Along with traditional sauce options that ride the mild-to-spicy spectrum, My Chick will offer unique flavors such as a curry sauce.

The menu will also include a variety of side options, as well as grilled chicken and a vegan sandwich as more healthful choices.

“Everything is going to be fairly inexpensive. Since we are close to the high school, we want to make sure it’s somewhere they can go,” Melendez said. “But, we’ll also have a full bar for the adults.”

As one of few new businesses that has opted to open their doors amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Melendez assures guests the eatery has a sizable patio and will offer limited indoor dining. It will also have numerous to-go options, and there are plans for food to be available on app-based delivery services.

“It’s kind of weird to be opening something right now but we have a love for food and community, and we want to bring a cool new spot where people can hang out,” she said.

Melendez and Adamson, who also has an interest in Public House in Scripps Ranch and Luigi’s at the Beach near Belmont Park, said they hope to bring a unique vibe to the establishment that isn’t seen at a lot of Scripps Ranch businesses.

Melendez said graffiti-style designs and an “Instagram wall” will help make this happen.

“I want to bring something very hip, like a North Park vibe, to Scripps Ranch because we don’t have anything like that around here,” she said.

My Chick owners hope to open their doors on Oct. 1.

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