What is Hot in Anti-Aging?

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What is Hot in Anti-Aging?

Dr. Tess Mauricio, Founder of M Beauty clinics in San Diego and Beverly Hills is a pioneer of a new field in medi cine and anti-aging called “Regenerative Aesthetics” where Doctors can utilize patient’s own growth factors from patient’s platelet-rich plasma, patient’s own stem cells from fat cells in combination with widely used methods like skin resurfacing and microneedling to activate our own natural regenerative processes and ability to heal and repair.

Dr. Tess along, with her colleagues, pioneered ALMI fat and stem cell transfer Procedure for the face and the use of fat-derived stem cells for hair growth. “Regenerative Aesthetics” is the new field in medicine using growth factors, Stem cells to activate our own natural regenerative processes.

ALMI (the acronym for Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection) Procedure is a biocellular therapy performed by harvesting fat under local anesthesia and then processing the fat into micronized ALMI fat. ALMI fat is rich in stem cells along with other regenerative cells that are used for anti-aging and regeneration. The process also includes the use of the patient’s Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from the patient’s blood for growth factors. The procedure addresses volume loss, wrinkles, skin texture, skin tone, hair loss (ALMI HAIR), sexual health and vaginal rejuvenation (ALMI FEM SHOT, vConfidence, and vTime-Machine).

ALMI was the #1 Plastic Surgery trend of 2017 by Real and has been featured on The Doctors, ALMI was also recently featured in the Hollywood Reporter in an Anti-aging feature. ALMI’s popularity is growing with over 200 ALMI Procedure providers across the US.

Dr. Tess routinely combines the ALMI Procedure with her signature anti-aging Time Machine Procedure skin rejuvenation treatment. The Time Machine Procedure combines energy based skin resurfacing, microneedling, growth factors from PRP and with ALMI, stem cells from fat can be added to the mix for shorter downtime and improved anti-aging results from one single visit.

Antiaging can also come from within. Nutrition is key to our health and wellness but today’s modern lifestyle and diet make it virtually impossible to supply our bodies with the biochemical building blocks and nutrients that it needs to function optimally. More and more people are turning to nutritional supplements whether in the form of special shakes, juices, or pills.

One of the newest nutritional supplements, Liveli, specializes in our brain function by improving restorative sleep with Liveli Sleep Peacefulli, optimizing mental performance with Liveli Focus Clearli and brain restoration and repair with Liveli Restore Dayli. Created by Stanford educated power couple, anesthesiologist and Dr. Tess’ husband, Dr. James Lee, after Dr. Lee recovered from a brain tumor.

Stem cell anti-aging can also come from within. Stem cells harvested from a patient’s fat can be processed and given back to the patient intravenously and via local injections to treat chronic, degenerative conditions that are usually associated with aging like osteoarthritis of the knees. Regeneris Medical is a network of providers that offer these cutting edge, safe and highly effective procedures. Dr. Tess and Dr. James have established Regeneris Medical San Diego and Beverly Hills to continue to offer these life-changing procedures within the provider network.

Anti-aging intravenous treatments with antioxidants and vitamins are also becoming more popular. Dr. Tess offers IV Glutathione and Vitamin C antioxidant treatments at her M Beauty by Dr. Tess clinics. Not only is this easy and almost painless IV treatment helpful in slowing down the aging process and boost the immune system from within but patients appreciate the improvement in their skin tone, quality and glow.

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