Distance learning links, info available

Distance learning links, info available

The San Diego Unified School District emailed a message to parents of students this weekend as teachers officially begin distance learning classes on Monday, April 27. The encouraging message contains several links to information that parents may find helpful overall. Here is the district’s message:

Even before schools closed, there were thousands of different daily schedules in classrooms across the city, with educators adapting to their students’ needs to provide the right information at the right time.

There will be even more flexibility in scheduling during the distance learning session beginning Monday – and with it, new opportunities for students to improve their grades and finish the year strong.

“We want every single student to continue their education,” Superintendent Cindy Marten said. “This school year matters, and so do all of our students.”

Ahead of Monday’s formal rollout of distance learning, San Diego Unified has distributed more than 47,000 laptops to students for at-home use, with nearly 90 percent of students having already engaged in online activities since the soft launch three weeks ago.

At the same time, teachers have participated in professional development sessions designed to help them shift their practices from the classroom to the computer.

“Our shared efforts to support students, families and educators are critical in this moment of crisis,” said San Diego Education Association (SDEA) President Kisha Borden. “We are here for each other and will continue to stay connected and educate our students during this difficult time.”

During distance learning, students’ daily schedules will be created in collaboration with their teachers. There will not be a single typical day for students. Flexibility is important, as many parents are adjusting to working from home. Here’s more on what to expect on day one:

Helpful links include:

Road Map: The District Plan for Distance Learning

Parent checklist for getting started

Parent survival guide

Things all parents can do for students

More academic resources

Mental health resources



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