EBS holds its first International Night

Allison Baik and Hadley Parker are resplendent as they model traditional garb at Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School’s first International Night. (photos by John Gregory)

EBS holds its first International Night

Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School (EBS) held its first International Night on Thursday, May 31. The event was marked by an abundance of food, colorful garb from around the globe and informative conversation.

A large crowd attended this event, many parents and students wearing clothing representing a variety of countries and cultures.

The concept began when a parent brought the idea to the attention of Gail Faber, the president of the EBS Academic Fundraising Partnership (AFP). From this sprouted the plan to hold an event to celebrate the many cultures at EBS. The event involved parents and students bringing different foods representing their cultures to school so others could sample them. Children were given a paper passport to take to each table when they sampled the food. Their passports were stamped as they learned about each culture.

Seventeen different nationalities and cultures were represented, according to Faber.

“We have goodie bags and food for them to try, and they just learn about the different nationalities,” Faber explained. “It’s mainly parents and their kids helping out. … I think we have a fifth-grader doing India. He set up his own table.”

By the looks of things, everyone was having a good time. The event not only celebrated the many cultures of the students and families involved at EBS, it served to promote understanding of these cultures. While the educational aspect was important, the atmosphere was just as important as attendees were seen enjoying the food and conversing with one another.

The delicious scents of the many culinary delights wafted across the room. EBS Principal Liz Sloan was in attendance and enjoyed sampling the delicious cuisine, as did all participants on this special evening.

Gail Faber, president of the EBS Academic Fundraising Partnership, was instrumental in launching the school’s first International Night, and staffed a table representing the Jewish culture.
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