First Day of School Photos

Chloe Veca is all dressed up and ready to start first grade at Miramar Ranch Elementary. (Photo by Jenny Veca)

First Day of School Photos

The first day of school was filled with special moments, as children reunited for another year of learning. Here are some of the pictures Scripps Ranch families shared with us.

Dingeman Elementary School students Kamryn Sablad, second grade, and Nathan Sablad, fifth grade, display their wide smiles on their first day of school for the 2017-18 school year. (photo by Catherine Sablad)
On her way to class, Kara Malcangio, a fourth grader at Miramar Ranch Elementary, stops for a picture by the school sign. (Photo by Jennifer Malcangio)
Michaela King, Caroline Lawler, both seniors, and Joe Martinson, a junior, allow their parents to take a few snaps before their first day at SRHS. (Photo by Mary Lawler)
Nathan Herich, age 12, is ready to start his first day of seventh grade at Marshall Middle School. (Photo by Denise Herich)
Marshall Middle School seventh graders strike a pose before their morning walk to school. (Photo by Carol Long)
Student safety patrol guards were on the job early, alert and doing a very good job at the crosswalk at Miramar Ranch Elementary School in the middle of Red Cedar Drive on the first day of school. (Photo by John Gregory)
Jessica Gregory, Ella Cruz and Emily Cookinham meet up for their morning carpool to Marshall Middle School. (Photo by Jacqueline Gregory)
Matthew Cookinham is excited to start second grade at Miramar Ranch Elementary. (Photo by Cristina Cookinham)
Boys from Miramar Ranch Elementary catch up on the summer’s events as they walk to their class line-up.(Photo by Jacqueline Gregory)
Ella Cruz, a seventh grader at Marshall Middle School, entertains her brother, Nico Cruz, a third grader at Miramar Ranch Elementary, as they set off for school. (Photo by Kristy Cruz)

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