Featured SCHOOLS


Jaxson Winter – 8th grade at Marshall Middle School (MMS), Travis Ridgway – 9th grade at Cathedral Catholic School, Ethan Ridgway – 7th grade at MMS, Luca Reuter – 7th grade at MMS, Lia Reuter – 6th grade at MMS, Leyla Ridgway – 6th grade at MMS, Lila Abbott – 6th grade at MMS, Grace and Gianna Johnson – 8th grade at MMS, Caroline Abbott – 8th grade at MMS and Alexis MacInnes – 8th grade at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School (Photo by Catherine Ridgway)

First day of school

Scripps Ranch parents sent these photos of their students as they were about to begin their first day of school for the 2021-22 school year.

Daelen Davis is in 8th grade at Marshall Middle School. (photo by Christina Davis)
Gretchen Do on her first day of TK at EBS (photo by her dad Howie Do) 
Sofia Nocella, 4th grade, and Samantha Nocella, TK, celebrated the first day of school at Jerabek Elementary with festive balloons. (photo by Kim Nocella)
Drew Bidermann, 3rd grade, and Luke Bidermann, 1st grade, at EBS (photo by Kristi Bidermann)
Vivian King, 12th grade at Scripps Ranch High, and Stella King, 4th grade at Jerabek Elementary (photo by Christine King)
Kamryn Sablad – 6th grade at Marshall Middle School (photo by Catherine Sablad)
Charlotte Stepien, 3rd grade and Jack Stepien, kindergarten at Jerabek Elementary
Leo – 5th grade and Giada – kindergarten at EBS Elementary (photo by Donna Mirabella)
Vinny is in 7th grade at Marshall Middle School. (photo by Donna Mirabella)
Carmen – 11th grade at Scripps Ranch High School (photo by Donna Mirabella)