Forum to address SRHS AP exam glitch

Forum to address SRHS AP exam glitch

A huge glitch in the way Advanced Placement (AP) exams were administered to Scripps Ranch High School students will be addressed by the San Diego Unified School District at a meeting scheduled for Wednesday, July 5, 6 p.m. in the Marshall Middle School Auditorium.

SDUSD stated that AP exams taken by approximately 500 Scripps Ranch High students have been invalidated due to problems with the way the test was conducted. Each of those students will have to retake the test if they wish to get their scores.

The reason: chairs for the students who took the exam were placed too close together during the testing. In addition, partitions were placed between the students, which is against the rules of the College Board. No partitions are allowed during the AP exams.

What must be stressed however, is that no kind of cheating was discovered on part of the students taking the exam. Nonetheless, all those AP exam test scores have been invalidated and students who took the exam on the day in question must retake the exam to receive their scores for college.

The consequences, besides a huge inconvenience, is that college plans for those students affected are now on shaky ground, and those students out of town for the summer must decide what they must do to return for the exam, if possible.

Students will not receive scores from the invalidated exams, but scores from the makeup testing will be sent to the students within weeks, according to SDUSD.

Some Scripps Ranch High School teachers have volunteered to return to school this summer to conduct study sessions for students forced to retake the exam.

The retesting will not cost the students anything, and those not able to take the new exams will have their money refunded. A new, well-trained proctor will administer the tests, according to SDUSD. Retesting is being offered July 17-20 and again Aug. 7-10.

A set of links to SDUSD’s explanation of the incident and schedules for AP refresher sessions and the makeup exams are on the Scripps Ranch High School website under AP Free Retest, or click here:

Meanwhile, a petition protesting the decision to invalidate the exams has been started:

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