Key Club collects letters for heroes

The SRHS Key Club collected more than 800 letters of appreciation for Sharp Healthcare workers. (courtesy photo)

Key Club collects letters for heroes

Members of the Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS) Key Club are collecting letters and messages thanking the often-neglected heroes working through the COVID-19 crisis: grocery workers, firemen, restaurant employees, postal workers and nursing home staff.

The club has drop-off receptacles at both the “old” Vons and “new” Vons supermarkets in which residents can drop their letters of appreciation. The project will continue into June. Parents will help pick up the letters and distribute them once counted.

Residents can drop off their letters in either location, but should make sure they place a sticky note on their letter saying that the letter is for the SRHS Key Club project, so the club will get credit.

The SRHS Key Club just completed a similar project in which it wrote and collected more than 800 letters of appreciation for Sharp Healthcare workers in San Diego.

“The Key Club kids, they’re learning to give of themselves, but they also get credit for the hours they put in and this all goes toward their service hours which makes them eligible for scholarships and helps them with their college applications,” said Lynn Bilotta, Kiwanis advisor to SRHS Key Club.

Key Club is an international high school service club in the Kiwanis family of Service Clubs. Kiwanis is an international service organization.

Bilotta stated that the SRHS Key Club members deserve recognition because they are involved in many community projects, including helping other students – such as Boy Scouts – with their projects.

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