Make practicing music fun for kids

To help your children develop a long-lasting appreciation for music, you can provide them with opportunities to learn and play in ways that are fun and engaging. (copyright

Make practicing music fun for kids

(StatePoint) While many children enthusiastically elect to study music, not all of them stick with the program. This is because many kids are surprised by the challenges associated with learning to play an instrument.

If you are familiar with the many benefits of music education, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to help kids commit to practicing. From learning to read music to getting comfortable with an instrument, the process of becoming a musician is rife with challenges and potential frustrations. But by making it fun, you will give kids more of an incentive to stick with it.

Make it personal
While music lessons in the past may have followed a very structured formula, today there is an endless wealth of music available online. This gives students more opportunities to personalize their lessons, even at the earliest stages of music education. As kids make progress, let them pick out increasingly challenging songs they want to learn to play. They will be motivated to hone their skills as they begin to see doing so as an opportunity to play more of their favorite music.

Use new technologies
When selecting instruments for kids, consider newer interactive technologies that can make music more fun and aid the learning process. For example, the LK-265, is a lighted 61-key keyboard with a Dance Music Mode which allows kids to get creative while composing and remixing electronic dance music.

Tools like Casio’s Voice Fingering Guide, the Step-up Lesson System and Lesson Lite enable beginners to learn built-in songs at their own individual pace. The keyboard also is compatible with an app that allows you to import any standard MIDI file off the Internet, giving users opportunities to learn what they want. Its LCD display and light up function help students master both music notation and correct hand positioning. Users can also track their progress in a way that is fun, with the keyboard’s Scoring System. For more information, visit

Get together

One tried and true method for making music fun is camaraderie. Encourage your child to join the school band or orchestra. These programs can introduce students to a wide-range of instruments, musical styles and theory, and help them make lifelong friendships. Many programs will carry them throughout high school. Or, if they prefer, help them form a musical ensemble or band with friends or family at home.

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