Miramar Ranch holds Open House

A clever cat has his eyes on a couple of goldfish in a bowl. This colorful drawing, created by fifth-grader Alex Ariaudo in Mrs. Custer’s class, was among the beautiful works on display during the Miramar Ranch Elementary School Open House, Art Show and Spaghetti Dinner.

Miramar Ranch holds Open House

The 2017 Miramar Ranch Elementary School Open House brought another crowd of parents and students showing off their classrooms and works of art the evening of June 1.

Guests and students mingled along the hallways of the main school building, admiring the numerous art pieces mounted on walls and dividers. The colorful creations held the attention of visitors until the scent of garlic wafted through the corridors, luring everyone to the multipurpose room to line up for the annual spaghetti dinner. While waiting, guests were able to view the many artistic creations offered in a silent auction fund raiser. Each class entered a high-quality piece for the auction.

Meanwhile, classrooms were opened and parents huddled around their student’s year-end project, and spoke to teachers about the progress of their child.

This whimsical owl was created by second grader Ella Sterling in Mrs. McKee’s class.
Artworks created by Miramar Ranch Elementary students adorned the walls and dividers, and even along the stairs of the main building. Parents gathered inside classrooms to view their children’s work and speak to teachers.

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