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New info website opens for students

Lorena Ford

New info website opens for students

The San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) recently launched a new Student Engagement Site specifically for students: sites.google.com/sandi.net/sdusdstudents.

This site was created by student engagement intern Lorena Ford, a 2022 graduate of Scripps Ranch High School. 

The site was created to centralize and showcase relevant opportunities for SDUSD students, including
student organizations, district news, scholarship opportunities and mental-health resources. It was intended to help bridge the gap between district to student communication, increase student engagement and empower students throughout the district. 

The site will also include opportunities to nominate students to be featured on the Students in Action page. 

Lea Nepomuceno, one of two student members of the San Diego Unified Board of Trustees this term, recently sent out an email announcement to all SDUSD students and their parents explaining the purpose of the Student Engagement Site and introduced the new SDUSD Students Newsletter. Nepomuceno is a senior attending Scripps Ranch High School.

The new student-focused district Instagram page will also share resources, opportunities and information for students grades 9-12.