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Principals comment on 2023-24 year

Principals comment on 2023-24 year

All principals of Scripps Ranch schools were asked to express their thoughts about the 2023-24 school year. Each was asked about changes for 2023-24 as well as what they are looking forward to this school year. Here are answers from those who responded:

Scripps Ranch High School

School will begin a week earlier this year, with the first day of school being Monday, Aug. 21.

Daily, school will start 10 minutes earlier and get out 10 minutes earlier. The bells schedule will be
8:35 a.m.–3:23 p.m.

We will have 18 minimum days this year. The change is they will be early out minimum days (as opposed to late start ones like this year). Minimum days will be 8:35 a.m.–2:23 p.m.

Five additional female sports have been (officially) added: girls flag football, girls wrestling, girls beach volleyball, competitive cheerleading, girls cross country.

Expanding our Welcome Week

I’m looking forward to continuing to grow our efforts when it comes to our school culture. Three years ago, we implemented an inaugural Falcon Summer Bridging Day, which was two days held in the summer for incoming ninth graders to have them meet staff, collaborate with SRHS students, and help them transition successfully into high school.

We have continued to implement our Falcon Summer Bridging Day each year and make improvements upon it.

For the 2022-23 school year, we implemented our inaugural Welcome Week, where we had several days of culture building activities and fun events to get students to feel connected to campus from the very beginning of school. We had the radio station 93.3 come to campus and even had a dunk tank. This year, our staff has voted to expand on our Welcome Week and a Welcome Week Committee was put together to brainstorm and make the week even more special. We have student videos being filmed, will implement grade level assemblies and do even more fun activities.

Similar to our school culture initiatives, we are continuing to build upon our work in all facets, such as classroom instruction, peer mentoring and staff-student mentoring.

We want to  continue to grow and be the best school we could be. Seeing these programs and initiatives impact students in a positive way is a lot of fun and something I always look forward to.

Matt Lawson, Ed.D
Scripps Ranch High School

Marshall Middle School

In spite of the fact that Principal Josh Way is taking a new position at a school in Carlsbad this school year, he still took the time to respond. The school district has set forth a process to find his replacement.:

We are revamping our sixth grade and new student orientation by bringing the WEB program. WEB stands for Where Everybody Belongs and is a sixth grade transition program. Selected and trained eighth graders lead a full orientation with small group community building activities and a tour so incoming sixth graders can get acclimated to school before the first day. These “WEB Leaders” will also be mentors of the sixth graders throughout the year.

To meet the increase in mental health needs, we are adding additional counseling hours and services. This new person will be focusing on social emotional support, restorative practices and articulation with Scripps Ranch High School.

Our Math Department will be rolling out a new revised Math curriculum next year. This will be the first new math adoption in decades and our team is excited to bring new, relevant and innovative math content to continue to challenge our students and better prepare for the ever-changing complex world.

This past year, our school once again improved our achievement scores past pre-pandemic rates. Our kids are excelling at exceptionally high rates, but we need to do more to ensure our campus is safe, welcoming and nurturing. I’m excited to see us build upon activities like the Library of Us and Festival of Cultures.

Josh Way, Ed.D
Thurgood Marshall Middle School

St. Gregory the Great Catholic School

The school welcomes Erin Dyer Zwahlen, Ph.D., as its new principal. Erin is a long time Scripps Ranch resident and is very excited about joining the staff. 

The St. Gregory the Great Catholic School (STGGCS) community is looking forward to the 2023-2024 school year! We have two new teachers joining our middle school staff, which will allow us to add Spanish classes to the core curriculum, as well as learning resource support for our students. These teachers come to us with years of excellent experience and will be a fantastic addition to our already exceptional staff.

All of our current elementary school teachers will continue with us into the new school year, as well as our newly appointed athletic director who has brought our physical education and athletic program to the next level!

We have already begun to update our technology, STEM lab and science lab with the most-up-to-date equipment and will continue to incorporate Next Generation Science Standards into our curriculum.

Our music and art programs have flourished and will continue into the next school year. Our preschool classrooms have been an outstanding addition to our school, and we look forward to welcoming them into our kindergarten class!

As we say goodbye to our beloved principal, Mrs. O’Connell, I welcome the opportunity to be part of this wonderful community as the new principal. I have already met with our teaching and administrative staff, assistant principal and newly appointed school advisory board, who have all committed to assisting me with our school mission of creating a culture of growth mindset, and fostering life-long learners and stewards of our faith and community.

Erin Dyer Zwahlen, Ph.D.
St. Gregory the Great Catholic School

Chabad Hebrew Academy

We are so excited to launch an ASB program with our Chabad Hebrew Academy middle school students next year. In the past, we’ve had student government in different forms, but next year our dynamic humanities teacher will be spearheading an ASB like we’ve never had before. Through community
outreach, school pep rallies and student council  meetings, the students will gain an even stronger voice in their school.

As principal, each new school year brings excitement even greater than the year before. As a staff, we celebrated all of the accomplishments on campus last year and set high goals to strive for this year. The parent and student body make CHA such a special place that together, we know we can continue to
build for a stronger future.

Abby Koch
K-8 Principal
Chabad Hebrew Academy