Seniors Corner: Missing social activities

Luke Durkin

Seniors Corner: Missing social activities

Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS) seniors share their thoughts during this time of distance learning and limited activities.

Luke Durkin
Captain of the varsity football team 

“I miss playing in front of that crowd. It’s always special running out on the field and I looked forward to that every week. I’ve looked forward to my senior football season since I was in middle school and I hope there is a chance that we are able to at least have some of the season,” Durkin said. 

The SRHS varsity football team was recently able to begin practicing. 

“We are able to go to the park and we are still socially distanced, but we have been able to practice as a team,” Durkin said. 

He is optimistic about virtual learning this year.

“Online teaching isn’t the same, but we are trying to make the most out of it. I think everyone is really trying to work together and make this year the best it can be under these circumstances,” Durkin said. 

He committed to Davidson College to play Division I football and plans to study economics.

Ben Gietzen
Four-year cross countryand track runner

“The fact that we are not able to come together as a school community for football or homecoming that would normally be around this time is really hard on us. There is just such a community at the games and now we’re all just apart,” Gietzen said. 

He shared the positives and negatives he has experienced due to virtual learning. 

“I think virtual learning helps with time management. It really comes down to you as the individual to work with the extra time we are given now. However, now that the school days are shorter, it leaves less time for instructors to teach and I really miss that because it gave more of a balanced schedule,” Gietzen said. 

Savannah Frost
Four-year marching band trombone player 

“Attending the games and playing for the student section really makes you feel like you are a part of something. Everyone at the games is always super nice and it’s just fun to be in the moment and that’s something I miss,” Frost said. 

She expressed her thoughts on the online school year. 

“Having shorter school days is really nice. Being at home allows me to have more freedom and it’s helped me out in the morning because I don’t have to rush to school. However, it’s a whole different experience in person that virtual can’t capture and I miss the social aspect of that,” Frost said. 

Not only is Frost a part of the marching band at SRHS, but is in the concert band class, played in pep band, played in jazz band and played in several musicals. 

She plans to attend a college that will have a marching and concert band, and she plans to study music.

Stevie Kreger
Four-year cheerleader and softball player 

“Last year I was captain, and I was really looking forward to this year. Leading the team was super exciting last season and it was upsetting when we got our season taken away from us,” Kreger said. 

She explained her feelings about learning virtually this year.

“With distance learning there is no community with your friends or team. Now I’m getting a chance to notice the little things like walking around campus and just being in a classroom that we took for granted,” Kreger said. 

As a part of the softball team, Kreger conveyed her loss for that season as well. 

“We won CIF last year, so I was looking forward to doing that again this year. It was my last season and I was really pumped because your senior season is something you always look forward to,” Kreger said. 

Outside of SRHS, Kreger is involved with organizations at her church, has a job at Hollister and plays travel softball. 

Kreger plans to study psychology at a four-year university.

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