Seniors Corner: Nearing the end of senior year

Seniors Corner: Nearing the end of senior year

By Ashley Shah

Seniors from Scripps Ranch High describe their thoughts about school under COVID-19 restrictions as they near the end of their final year of high school.

Courtney Anderson
Four-year lacrosse player

“The main thing I miss about being in-person for school is the social aspect. I miss the rallies and activities that ASB would put on,” Courtney Anderson said.

She explained the hardships she has faced with virtual learning.

“It’s harder to follow along. I definitely like bouncing ideas off of others and doing group assignments, and that’s a lot harder online. I feel like I really don’t know my teachers either,” Anderson said.

On March 27, Anderson was able to play in the first girls varsity lacrosse game of the year.

“I’m really enjoying being active again. Before, it was hard to get out, but now I get to see my friends on the team and play,” she said.

Alongside playing lacrosse at SRHS, she is also involved in the Butterfly Effect club.

Anderson plans to attend Texas Christian University in the fall. She is undecided, but hopes to transfer into the nursing program.

Leiden Huber
Four-year varsity soccer and lacrosse player

“I miss seeing my friends, especially the friends that you make in specific classes, but don’t really get to
see outside of class,” Leiden Huber said.

In March, Huber was able to begin playing both varsity soccer and lacrosse for the first time this year.

“In lacrosse, I’m hoping we can win CIF because we won my sophomore year. In soccer, I’m just looking forward to playing with my best and closest friends one last time,” she said.

Other than varsity soccer and lacrosse at SRHS, Huber is in the Circle of Friends club. She also created the Student Athlete Club and the Jewish Club.

Outside of SRHS, she plays club soccer at San Diego Soccer Club. She volunteers for the Female Athlete Volunteers and has a job at Pernicano’s Ristorante.

In the fall, Huber will attend the University of Idaho to play Division I soccer. She plans to study chemical engineering.

Riley Lacey
Four-year varsity soccer and field hockey player

“I miss the connection I used to have with teachers. Connecting with them helped me understand what
I was learning and I don’t really get that now. I also wish I was able to see everyone since it’s my last year,” Riley Lacey said.

She conveyed the challenges she has faced with virtual learning.

“The hardships have been time management and keeping track of all the school work I need to do while working and playing sports,” Lacey said.

In March, Lacey was able to start playing varsity field hockey and soccer for SRHS.

“My favorite memory from this season has just been (being) able to get out on the field and play with my friends. I’ve been able to help the new freshmen on the team and that has been such a fun experience for me,” she said.

Outside of school, Lacey works at Pernicano’s Ristorante. She plans to attend a four-year university in the fall.

Kobe Germain
Four-year theatre member

“I miss the buzz of a normal school. There was always something going on at Scripps and now it’s very isolating. I feel no connection to my senior class,” Kobe Germain said.

Germain spoke about what has been difficult with online learning.

“It’s really easy to get distracted now. The place where you do all of your school work, your room now,  is also  the place where you  are supposed to rest,” he  said.

On March 26, Germain performed in the second show “Ten Two” for the SRHS Falcon Playhouse.

“The show was over Zoom. It’s kind of weird talking to your wall rather than your stage partner, but I’m glad we have been able to put on productions,” he said.

Alongside participating in theatre at SRHS, Germain has participated in the broadcast journalism program for four years.

Outside of SRHS, he does freelance photography.

This fall, Germain plans to attend a four-year university studying film production with a focus on