Seniors Corner: Thoughts on graduation events

Seniors Corner: Thoughts on graduation events

By Ashley Shah

These seniors from Scripps Ranch High School share their perspective about graduation after a most unusual year.

Ben Gass
Member of the
Innovative Designers club

“I think it’s really cool that we get to have graduation at Petco Park. I like that we’re also still getting the graduation parade,” Ben Gass said.

Gass chose to opt into in-person learning for the remainder of this year.

“It’s been a lot better in-person. We don’t really get to do hands-on activities, but it is really nice to finally see people even if there aren’t that many people in my classes,” he said.

He shared his thoughts on missing a traditional school year.

“It’s been hard online because we had to cope and adapt pretty fast. No one really asks questions in your classes and it was harder to learn. I was supposed to be the mascot this year and I wasn’t able to do that,” Gass said.

At SRHS, Gass is part of the graphic design program and is part of the Innovations Designers club.

Outside of school, he runs his own clothing brand Lightning DB, He also has an internship with Reebok.

In the fall, Gass will be attending the University of Oregon. At the moment, he plans to major in business with an art minor.

Samantha Duggan
Four-year soccer player

“I’m so grateful that we are getting a graduation. I think it’s so nice that the community really wants to recognize us so we can have these events,” Samantha Duggan said.

She decided to take classes online for the rest of the year.

“I wanted to keep my memory of high school without the masks and plexiglass screens. I’ve also been able to develop a nice routine at home, so I wanted to keep that,” Duggan said.

She explained her feelings on having a non-traditional senior year.

“No other senior class can say that they’ve gone through what we have been through. However, even though this year wasn’t what I expected, I didn’t let that deter me from hanging out with friends and trying to have a more normal year,” Duggan said.

Alongside soccer, at school she is involved in the theatre program. She is also the co-president of National Honor Society.

Outside of SRHS, Duggan volunteers at St. Gregory the Great church. In addition, she plays for DMCV sharks club soccer team.

Duggan will attend Emerson College in the fall, playing Division III soccer. She will be studying business of creative enterprises.

Sydney Griffin
Four-year field
hockey player

“I’m excited that we still get prom and an actual graduation because no one thought we would have that. I’m so excited to do the traditional activities before prom like going to dinner and taking photos. It’s just really nice to know that we get to have all those end of the year experiences,” Sydney Griffin said.

She decided to take in-person classes for the remainder of the year.

“It’s been fun to be in-person. Everyone in my classes has been able to become really close because there aren’t that many people in each class,” Griffin said.

She conveyed her thoughts on missing out on a traditional senior year.

“I definitely do feel a bit cheated because I didn’t really get a full sports season. It sucked that for pretty much the whole year we weren’t able to go back in-person. However, it was definitely nice to have a lower class load this year,” Griffin said.

Besides field hockey, at SRHS she is president of the robotics team.

Outside of school, she plays for the Coastal Clash club field hockey team.

Griffin will be attending the University of California, Davis to study environmental science in the fall.

Maddie Carniglia
Four-year softball player

“I’m really excited for prom. I think it’s super cool that our senior night is at the Zoo. It’s great that we’re getting a graduation as well, especially at Petco Park,” Maddie Carniglia said.

She remained online for classes this school year.

“I didn’t think it was worth it to go back because I only had one class. I don’t find it to be too difficult having classes online, so it’s not that bad. As more time has gone on, I’ve actually kind of liked having school online,” Carniglia said.

She commented on her experiences over the online school year.

“It definitely sucked that we weren’t able to go back on campus for most of our senior year. I missed my friends. It was hard knowing that we would not get the usual senior experience. It has definitely gotten better though as I’ve grown more accustomed to it,” Carniglia said.

Outside of school, Carniglia plays for the Factory Fastpitch softball club travel team.

In the fall, Carniglia will play Division III softball at George Fox University studying mechanical engineering.