Situation at Marshall defused by staff

Situation at Marshall defused by staff

An early morning incident involving a youngster who ran onto campus exhibiting unusual or threatening behavior at Marshall Middle School this morning, Feb. 27, during drop-off was defused by school staff. Here is the message sent to parents today by Marshall Middle School vice principals:
… we wanted to inform you about an incident on campus this morning. A student’s sibling ran onto campus and approached several students and staff members. The student was not under the influence of substances and did not have a weapon. At no time was there a threat to the safety of any students or staff members. The student’s presence did create a great deal of confusion as students were arriving on campus. We are proud of the way Marshall students followed directions and maintained calm throughout the situation. Staff members resolved the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. No one was injured. We appreciate your support and understanding with this matter. Student safety is always our top priority.
Kate Moffatt and Steve Olds
Vice Principals

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