SRHS choir: practice makes perfect

SRHS choir: practice makes perfect

Scripps Ranch High School has always offered a wide variety of experiences to its thousands of students. From college level classes to philanthropic club, to community volunteer opportunities, the school has numerous activities for all students. One such experience includes honing skills, working as a team and getting unique opportunities to perform in front of hundreds. This experience is the lauded Scripps Ranch High School choir program, a class of only 25 students who learn and perform a variety of songs together at different events and showcases.

In charge of this class is one very dedicated man, Russell Shedd. Along with leading the choir program, he is also the director of the band, the orchestra, the marching band and the jazz band at Scripps Ranch High School. He assists in any and all music-related endeavors that the high school takes on, including performances at graduation, as well as assisting the theater department with musical accompaniment.

“Many of my students are also involved in the drama program as well,” Shedd said, which emphasizes the interconnection between all entities in the Scripps Ranch High School performing arts community.

When it comes to the choir program, the old adage of “practice makes perfect” is more relevant than ever.

“We do all of our training in class,” Shedd explained.

The class is not all about students who are already masterful singers, for Shedd, it’s more focused on the passion, he said.

“Many students have a love of music but little training,” he explained.

But that’s never an issue with this program, because a big part of this program is training.

“We cover everything from basics of theory to voice use and diction,” Shedd stated. With this class, Shedd can teach anyone to sing, but what is important is whether they enjoy what they are learning. In his words, “Any student with a love (of music) can join choir. By the end of the year, they’ll sound better and have fun doing it.”

As a performing art, this choir class typically has performances.

“Most of our performances are at school or local,” Shedd explained.

While normally the choir class would have had more performances this year, some school construction got in the way.

“This year, we had to move out of our building due to construction. So, we were not able to do other events,” Shedd explained.

Now, everyone can look forward to the Scripps Ranch High School choir participating in the school music program’s year-end concert, Dance the Night Away! on Friday, June 8, at 6 p.m. Doors open at 4 p.m. There will be food trucks, a dance floor and even a VIP section.

“It is an event in every sense of the word,” Shedd stated.

For more information on this, and any other updates about the program, visit

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