SRHS club promotes social justice

Several members of the Social Justice Club at Scripps Ranch High School help during a shopping run for donations for mutual aid organizations. Those pictured are (from left) Rekik Fikre, Priya Kamath, Lara Cokic, Vice President Alexis Sarabia, Noah Hampshire and President Victoria Denosta. (courtesy of Victoria Denosta)

SRHS club promotes social justice

By Hector Trujillo

The year 2020 has undoubtedly left a lasting impression upon the nation’s psyche in many ways, while at the same time, becoming a call to action for some. Among those making a difference are Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS) students who recently announced the creation of a Social Justice Club.

The killing of George Floyd and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement made me realize that, although I may not be white, I am still privileged,” said club President Victoria Denosta. “My eyes opened to the covert racism plaguing my high school and my community, ultimately sparking my interest in activism.”

The club’s main objective is to promote social justice in order to achieve a more united community. Club members hold discussions regularly to help raise awareness to achieve this objective while spreading information about resources and opportunities within the community.

“Since we started this club, there has been an overwhelming amount of support from the Scripps Ranch community,” said club Vice President Alexis Sarabia. “We were lucky enough to start this organization with the help of some of our close friends and our teacher, Heather Francisco. Teachers, students, parents and friends have all expressed their interest and willingness to help our cause.”

The club has 70 members and is growing, along with hundreds of followers on Instagram: @socialjusticescrippsranch.

Denosta, a senior, is verbally committed to play softball at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and plans on majoring in political science, as well as double majoring or minoring in a STEM discipline such as environmental science and engineering.

“I needed to accomplish something meaningful in the fight against oppression,” she said.

“I want to clarify that the Social Justice Club at SRHS only holds discussions and raises awareness for different opportunities to make a difference,” she added.

There is a community organization called Social Justice Scripps Ranch that was created as an outlet for the members of the SRHS Social Justice Club so they can hold events like fundraisers and donation drives that are completely separate from the high school in order to comply with the guidelines of the school district and school administration. Next, the club is planning a donation drive for Father Joe’s Villages in January.