F45 plans to open in Scripps Ranch

Those joining the new F45 Training Studios Scripps Highlands can expect a variety of exercises, personal attention from two experienced instructors during each class, and a feeling of camaraderie. (courtesy of F45 Training Studios)

F45 plans to open in Scripps Ranch

F45 Training Studios Scripps Highlands is a new fitness studio that will be opening in January at 9872 Hibert St., in the same shopping center as Trader Joe’s market.

The Scripps Ranch location is one of several that are being built by the Kloiber Fitz company and the F45 Training Studios franchise company out of Australia. Johnny Castillo, a native San Diegan, is coordinating the effort as the project general manager and partner.

Johnny Castillo

Castillo has his hands full as his group’s plans call for the opening of another F45 Training Studio in North Park. Two others are being built in Austin, Texas, and are scheduled to open at the same time. Construction on another studio in Little Italy and one in Carlsbad are planned shortly after the beginning on the year. Overall, Castillo’s group has ambitious plans to open 14 new F45 locations in the next four years, he said.

Castillo, who graduated from Helix High School and played linebacker on scholarship at the University of Tennessee at Martin, looks like he could still play football and definitely appears to know a thing or two about fitness. He explained that F45 Training is based on three pillars: innovation, motivation and results.

“We use a data base of over 3,000 exercises. Someone can literally work out at our studio every day for five years and never do the same workout. It’s constantly changing,” Castillo said. “There is so much information overload in their (customers) day-to-day lives, the last thing you want someone to think about is what they have to do for exercise. So, that’s the innovation part.”

The workouts are class-based, and two experienced instructors will always be on-hand to provide personal training even though it’s in a group setting. Each participant will get personal attention.

Additionally, the classes last 45 minutes, so they are efficient.

“The motivation part is that you are working out with your peers,” Castillo explained. “This model is very community based. People come and develop relationships with other people in the gym. That keeps them accountable and that keeps them motivated.”

(courtesy of F45 Training Studios)

Castillo explained that when people are young, they enjoy playing sports with one another, but as grown-us, that group setting disappears. The enjoyment of playing with teammates is recreated in F45 Training. Everyone works at their own pace, but can be motivated by others in the class.

“The environment we create is one of team building. … It’s very welcoming,” Castillo said.

The F in F45 stands for functional, Castillo explained.

“We’re doing everyday movements. So, we’re not in there doing big powerlifts with big weights. We’re mimicking movements that people do in their everyday life: twisting, pulling, jumping, running,” he said. “You can have someone in there who is an elite athlete and you can have someone there who hasn’t been in to fitness for the last 20 years. It’s all scale-able, so you can do it at your own pace.”

Members attending F45 classes do the same exercises as others in the same session, but each at a pace in which they are comfortable.

In addition, there will be no mirrors in the studio, so no one can look at themselves as they exercise, and this will help eliminate egos or body comparisons that might be intimidating, Castillo said. 

The local F45 Training Studios will have every type of exercise equipment one could imagine, and each exercise class will use many of them in one session. Equipment includes rowing machines, bikes, kettle bells, battle ropes, jump ropes, box jumps, pads to punch or kick, dumb bells and resistance bands.

(courtesy of F45 Training Studios)

The facilities will include plenty of showers and lockers so that members won’t have to wait following their class, and they can get on with their day once they are through with their workout.

Castillo said instructors from F45 Training Studios Scripps Highlands will begin holding boot camp classes in neighborhood parks for local residents in the weeks leading up to the studio opening day. Learn more about F45 Training Studios and the Scripps Ranch introductory offer of two free weeks at

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