Falcons football team remains undefeated

Scripps Ranch High running back Nicholas Gardinera (25) breaks through the La Jolla High Vikings defense during a 17-7 Falcons victory on Sept. 20. (Photo by Justin Fine)

Falcons football team remains undefeated

The Scripps Ranch High School Falcons varsity football team defeated La Jolla High School 17-7 on Sept. 20 to add to its perfect undefeated record at 5-0 this season.

While the team has a perfect record, its play was far from perfect and mistakes such as a bad snap, a kickoff out of bounds, a critical interception, too many men on the field and several other penalties helped keep La Jolla in the game until the fourth quarter. Fortunately, Scripps Ranch players have plenty of confidence and kept battling throughout the game. It’s a resilient team.

The Falcons came up with important plays when they were needed the most. The Scripps Ranch defense held the Vikings’ offense from scoring again and again. Some big plays such as an interception and a much-needed quarterback sack helped stall drives by La Jolla’s offense. Then La Jolla came unraveled with more mistakes and penalties of its own.

Scripps Ranch Falcons defensive end Joshua Boamah (99) sacks La Jolla Vikings quarterback Jackson Stratton (15) during the game on Sept. 20. (Photo by Justin Fine)

With the game tied at 7-7 late in the second half, the Falcons were driving but running out of downs near the goal line. In a last-ditch play, Scripps Ranch quarterback Luke Durkin rolled out right for the second time of the drive, only this time he somehow scampered through heavy traffic to just inside the cone in the end zone for the go-ahead touchdown.

Strong rushing by star running back Nicholas Gardinera helped pierce the La Jolla defense in the second half, gaining valuable yardage and running time off the clock to help sustain fourth quarter drives by the Falcons offense. Gardinera essentially muscled his way through the Vikings defense with second effort and determination.

Falcons kicker Mathew Killiam made a beautiful field goal in the final minute of the game to seal the victory for the Falcons, putting the game out of reach.

Scripps Ranch will have a bye week before traveling to Kearny High School for a game on Oct. 4, 6:30 p.m. at 1954 Komet Way.

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