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Exploring the consequences

Claire Simba, director of Scripps Ranch Theatre’s production of “Love Song.” (courtesy photo)

Exploring the consequences

By Ashley Shah

Scripps Ranch Theatre will open its second in-person performance of the season with a presentation of “Love Song” on March 5.

“‘Love Song’ centers around all the different types of love languages. It’s about how we express love, and the consequences of love that is not reciprocated,” director Claire Simba said.

The play is set in the present day. 

“The play takes into account that the pandemic happened. It’s really a fitting play for the time that we are in because it shows the characters coming into themselves, and kind of coming out of isolation,” Simba said.

There are four actors in this performance. 

Beane, played by Paul Eddy, is the main character. 

“In the play, we watch Beane’s journey as he goes from being unable to express himself to finding himself, and love,” Simba said.

Joan, played by Leigh Akin, is Beane’s sister. 

“Joan is a very accomplished woman, but she struggles with things such as neurosis. Through the play, we watch her learn about herself and love through her brother’s journey,” Simba said. 

Harry, played by John DeCarlo, is Joan’s husband. 

“Harry has a lot of love and care, and we watch him sort of help the two siblings on their journeys,” Simba said. 

Molly, played by Claire Kaplan, is a burglar who finds Beane.

“Molly, through the play, discovers love for the first time, and through that we get to see her be vulnerable for the first time as well,” Simba said.  

“Love Song” was originally set to be performed in March of 2020: however, the pandemic hit before it could be presented.

“Because ‘Love Song’ was already set to be performed, some of the cast had already been selected. However, some of the cast could not come back. In December, we only casted for the roles of Molly and Harry,” Simba said. 

Not only was some of the cast unable to return, but the original director was also unavailable. Simba took on the play this time around. 

“It was a little hard to take on this performance mid-air, but everyone has been great to work with,” she said. “I read the play, and I absolutely loved it. The message of the play is beautiful. It embraces the power of love, empathy and imagination, and that’s why I really wanted to do it.”

Paul Eddy, originally cast as Beane, was able to come back. 

“This time around it feels like a whole new play. There’s just specific things that I never noticed before, but I do notice them now in regards to the characters … ,” Eddy said. “English also isn’t Claire’s first language, so it’s interesting to see how she interprets the language in the play.” 

Performances run Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m., and Sundays at 2 p.m. through March 20.

Tickets may be purchased by calling the box office at (858) 395-0573; or through the website scrippsranchtheatre.org/showtickets