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Page is purrfect for cat lovers

The new Real House Cats of Scripps Ranch cat calendar has arrived.

Page is purrfect for cat lovers

By Ashley Shah

If you’re a cat lover looking for a place to post photos of your cats, or to look at photos of other cats in the community, the Real House Cats of Scripps Ranch Facebook page is the place to be. 

The page was started around five years ago by Scripps Ranch resident Jessica Pearson.

“The page was created not only to feature cats in the community, but also to share cat stories and tips,” said JL Nuss, admin of the page. 

While the group may have started small, there are currently almost 900 members who are part of the page. 

“Anyone is welcome to the page as long as they are a resident of Scripps Ranch,” Nuss said. 

The page serves as a way for cat lovers in the community to bond, and it also serves as a way to fundraise for the Feral Cat Coalition (FCC). 

“The FCC has helped my family, personally, with our feral cats, and they help many more people with their cats. We thought it would be a good idea to help them as well,” Nuss said. 

The page has two fundraisers for the FCC: the cat calendar, and the cat themed gift exchange. 

“The cat calendar has been going on for about four years. This year, we posted on the page in early November for community members to send their cat photos that they want included in the calendar, and how many calendars they want. We give them about a week to submit their photos so that the calendars can be done by Thanksgiving,” Nuss said. 

This year, there were 120 orders for cat calendars. 

“We include all photos that are submitted. I’m not sure about this year, but last year we had about 168 photos submitted that we included in the calendar,” Nuss said. 

All of the proceeds from the cat calendar are donated to the FCC. 

“I have seen the photos for the cat calendar, and they are great. There are some serious ones, some funny ones, some close-ups. There are just a ton of great photos,” Nuss said. 

The second fundraiser is the cat themed gift exchange which will be held Dec. 17. 

“The gift exchange will occur on my driveway. People will be able to bring their cat themed gift during the window of time, and leave with a gift that someone else brought. You are allowed to take as many gifts as you bring. At the time when you bring your gifts, you can also buy raffle tickets for the prizes we will be giving out,” Nuss said. 

The prizes are cat-themed, and are made by people in the community, or they are bought by people in the community and donated. All of the proceeds from the raffle tickets go to the FCC. 

“We have really seen the amount of people who participate in these fundraisers grow. They are just a great way to have people in the cat community come together while also giving to an organization that helps us out,” Nuss said. 

Alongside the cat-themed gifts and prizes, they are also collecting recyclable bottles and cans to help raise more money for the FCC. 

For more information, visit facebook.com/groups/273744863114547 or search Real House Cats of Scripps Ranch on Facebook.